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This plugin enables you to show a configurable products in a completely different way. Rather than displaying drop down boxes the plugin intelligently chooses how to arrange your data in to a grid like table. The plugin will either choose to display a two dimensional grid e.g. Size by Colour or if there are more options such as Size, Colour, and Style it will automatically change its formatting of to list them appropriately (See screen shots). This plugin also gives you the option of allowing your customers to add more then one configurable product to the cart at one time e.g. Small red shirt as well as 2 x Small green shirts all at the same time.

All the options of the plugin can easily be configured through the admin sections of Magento (See screen shots). As well as these features we've built in as much customisation as possible. You're able to toggle the entire plugin, decide if the individual configurable quantities are displayed or "In Stock", "Low Stock" and "Out of Stock" text goes in its place (which of course is completely customisable allowing you to add images instead (See screen shots)) and much more.

We have also included a style sheet to get you started with how to style the plugin which should fit in with your existing styles. Installation is a simple drag and drop with clear instructions explaining each step.

This plugin is fully compatible with existing simple products as well as configurable products with:

  • Tier pricing
  • Custom Product Options
  • Compatible with Magento version 1.3, 1.4+, 1.5+, 1.6+, 1.7+

Further to this the plugin uses correct standards allowing it to work with:

  • Default/Newly Installed Language Files (If you choose to install a new language file or change the current one the plugin will pick it up for the customer view)
  • Multi currency stores

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